About Dana Nollsch

Dana Nollsch is an award-winning photojournalist published in dozens of national publications. Recently he has been focusing on theater photography. Living in the Reno area, there are numerous local theaters to lend his skills.
As well as photography Dana has been reviewing theater for Reno Arts News; this has awakened his love of journalistic writing. He has been writing theater reviews for more than ten years.
Dana drives himself to continue expanding his creativity, focusing on fine art and gallery-quality work. Combing fine art photography with his unique style of digital abstract art, Dana is preparing for the next phase of his artistic career.
Driven to help others achieve their goals, Dana creates art to excite the viewers’ senses. He believes that a person’s environment should be filled with the beauty that represents their lives, hopes, and dreams.
“Art is emotion. Art without emotion is just pretty pictures, which is fine, but pretty pictures have no tears.’
Dana invites you to take a look at his website and his art. If you like what you see, let him know.

Dana Nollsch
Dana Nollsch

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